How To Avoid Potential Moving Scams

In an ideal world, there would be no place for scam. You simply handle the money and those you contracted will keep their part of the deal and provide the promised high quality services.  Since you pay a lot of money to have the relocation project managed exemplary, from packing to unloading at the new location, you would expect that the company will respect the agreed terms and condition. Unfortunately, the world is full of cases when companies tried to fraud their customers.  This is why you should handle with utmost care the process of selecting a Los Angeles mover.  If you do not want to become a helpless fraud victim, check this simple guide on how to avoid potential moving scams.

A moving scam basically describes all the unlawful methods used by a moving company to squeeze more money from the customers. There are many ways in which the companies can initiate a scamming action.

  1. Avoid working with companies that look spotless only on their websites.   Many dishonest and bad intended companies rely on high raking reviews made by their own employees, so they can look like a reliable company.  Attracting more customers by appearing a top rated mover is a really effective tactic.  In order to avoid this scam, choose to access several moving review websites and seek for testimonials. Also, check the standings with American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) and the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  2. Avoid working with companies that provide low-ball estimates. Do not work with companies that provide estimates only on the phone or email. Even more, do not trust companies that make hasty in-house estimates without even a proper discussion or inspection. Refusing to tell why the estimate is so low or to provide satisfactory explanation is another clear sign that you should stay away from that company.
  3. Avoid working with companies that ask for high cash deposits in advance. Pay the agreed sum upon delivery, not before. If you are dealing with a company that tries to convince you that they need money in order to start the operation, you should refuse the services. Furthermore, avoid companies that say they won’t do anything until you provide some money. This is a clear sign you are dealing with a rogue mover.
  4. Avoid working with companies that provide incomplete or blank moving documents to sign. This is another clear sign that you should refuse the offer, no matter how tempting it may sound.
  5. Avoid working with companies on which you cannot get sufficient info or any info at all. You should be able to easily track info about local offices, warehouses, or their transport vehicles. If not, you should look elsewhere.

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