How To Move In a Rainy Day

Moving on a grey, rainy day does not have can be a complete nightmare if you are not prepared physically, mentally and logistically. You must also stay informed about the weather and seize any opportunity for a clear sky. Nevertheless, you should not cancel the project unless the weather becomes extreme. Find out how to move in a rainy day and if you need help, contact a professional moving company Los Angeles. Many movers have a vast experience with all sorts of moving conditions, including moving during rainy day. Still, you may want to check the following guide.

rainThe first thing to do is to check the long term and long distance forecast. You may be particularly interested to find the weather conditions for the locations on your transport path. If you work with a good removal company, they will also be looking into this as well, informing you in advance about weather conditions and potential obstacles.

If you still want to relocate during a rain, make sure to wear waterproof clothing.  Soaking wet clothes can get very heavy and sag over the course of the day, making them susceptible to snagging on doorways or furniture, thus increasing the possibility of accidents.

The most important thing to do is to keep your stuff dry. It is best for the moving truck to be as close to your house as possible and to protect the furniture with moving pads and then plastic wrap, which ensures that the moving pads are dry. Make sure there are no leaks inside the moving truck and that rain cannot come in the back of the truck while loading. Towels, blankets, or moving pads should be laid down in the house so the movers do not damage carpet or wood floors. Wrap artwork in plastic wrap to prevent rain or snow from getting into gaps in the frame.

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