Packing Mistakes Typically Made

No matter how experienced with packing we may be, we are still likely to make one of many common packing mistakes when preparing for our move. With so many small details and logistics to take into account, it can be easy to let something simple slip our minds. If you need external help, contacting companies that offer moving service Los Angeles is the best idea.  But first, read out list with packing mistakes typically made and try to avoid them.

  1. Packing too many items. Over-packing was and will always be one of the most common mistakes done during relocation. Packing too many items in a box will make it difficult to handle it and even risk having your items broken.
  2. Not having a packing strategy. Moving is a complex process and for every part of it, you must implement an adequate process. You must create a detailed to-do list and add what moving supplies you will need and the quantities, who will get each task and how fast you need to finish the job. Packing on a random principle will only result in tons of wasted time and most likely tensed nerves. Follow the list and also create a calendar to monitor the progress.
  3. Leaving packing for the last minute. This is another terrible mistake that should be avoided. Packing everything in a hurry rarely has a happy ending. Instead, you must split the packing into 2 phases:  pre-packing and daily packing.  Pre-pack all items you will not need on the moving day and in each day you should pack some boxes, monitoring the calendar.
  4. Not having enough moving supplies. This will surely make you lose your mind, especially if the moving day is closing by.   It is always better to buy more than enough boxes and other supplies, than to buy fewer and frantically search for more.

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